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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  September 20, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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back. >> the news is now scaring joggers off the trail. >> i love it. my dog and i, we go up there all the time. it's a little retreat and it's a shame. we can't do it anymore. >> you won't be up there for a while then. >> oh, no, no, no. >> see, this is why i stay in my treadmill and run on my garage in the treadmill. >> the attacker is described as a man wearing a baggy-hooded sweatshirt, 5'6" weighing 150 pounds. >> just be aware of your surroundings. >> yeah. >> frank williamson says he'll keep warning joggers about the man who attacked his friend. >> absolutely personal. i've been coming up on this trail since i was a little kid and have always been suspicious of people walking alone, and never thought that was hit so close to home. >> and this attack happened about 7:40 yesterday morning. i spoke to a neighbor out here who says he has home surveillance footage of the getaway car but he needs to clear it with police before he's able to share it with us. live in south san jose, damien
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trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> this attack certainly serves as a reminder to serve extra precautions with trail running and here are some safety tips from police. be aware of your surroundings. don't wear head phones. vary your route. don't run the same trails every day. carry whistle with you, and whenever possible, jog with someone else. >> pg&e executives today acknowledge they have to rebuild trust with their customers following that explosion of that undergrad gas pipeline in san bruno. in a news conference, company leaders announced the release of a list of the company's 180s riskiest sessions of gas transmission lines. utility has also set up a hot line so customers can call and find out if their homes are within 500 feet of a line. pg&e says winning that customer confidence is vital. >> we believe that the best way to do that is to provide you all with the facts. get the facts out there and be transparent and be open. >> they might have about each
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one of these things. >> pg&e operates more than 6,000 miles of natural gas transmission pipelines throughout central and northern california and says it monitors those lines 24 hours a day. now, if you want to know if any major gas line does run near your home or your neighborhood, go to our website and we'll link to you map showing locations of those pipelines. george, live with more. what's the latest. >> reporter: thousands of cars drive through here every day and you have hundreds of people who stand on the bta platform taking the light rail. being are concerned about living and working here at high risk gas pipeline especially after what happened in san bruno. one look at the intersection of first and tasman at san jose at high noon and can you see why people feel concerned about a
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high risk natural gas pipeline. bta trains carrying dozens of people at a time criss-cross the intersection. this passenger said a pipeline explosion here would be disastrous. >> if it's doing the day, especially at 1:00 or early morning at 9:00 or 5:00, when most people are coming back home from work, i mean, it does mean a lot of damage to people's lives. >> we're really close. >> kay jones lives in the westwood mobile home park, a community of 800 homes a black away from first and tasman and is concerned about living next to a risky pipe like. >> i think it would probably wipe out almost every home in here because mobile homes, i hear from a couple of the burn downs in years past, they are gone in five or ten minutes so it would be really hard to stop it. >> the city of san jose says 2,000 feet of pipe are in question on this main transmission line. public works says pg&e has told the city it's not the pipe's condition at issue here. it's the shifting soil and the pipeline's location next to homes and businesses that makes
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this pipeline risky. the city's message to pg&e. >> give us the confidence that we need, not only as a city but also as a resident. the lines in san jose are well operated and well maintained, and that if there is maintenance that needs to be done it, gets done. >> now the city of san jose says it will meet with pg&e on thursday to discuss this very pipeline here. live in san jose, george kitiama. >> carcasses which washed ashore are being tested tonight. a curious crowd, including schoolchildren gathered at ocean beach to seat unusual site. because the whale is so badly decomposed. biologists with the marine mammal center and the national academy of sciences don't know what species it is. they have ruled out that it was either a blue or a gray whale. tissue tests could help reveal the cause of death. rangers with the national park service say they will bury the
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remains right there on the beach. >> solo drivers on 680 now have the option of hopping into the carpool lane if they are willing to pay for the privilege. an express lane opened this morning for computers going southbound on interstate 680. if the lane runs about 14 miles between pleasanton and malpenas. the express lane operates monday through friday from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. it was far from smooth sailing today. they were backups and drivers trying to rush across four lanes. >> there are three areas to get on. three areas to get off, and i think that's part of the learning as well as drivers get used to it. they will know where to get on and where to get off. >> the tolls range from 30 cents to $6, again, depending on the congestion. >> grief counsellors are trying to help a bay area councillor that followed a crash that injured one student and injured
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several others. five nevada high school students were driving in a bmw around noon friday when it spun to the path of an oncoming tractor trailer. they found empty alcohol containers in and around the car and have arrested the teenage driver for vehicular manslaughter. one of the students remains in critical condition in marin county hospital. the driver in the trailer suffered minor injuries. as dangerous as drunk driving can be, texting while driving can also lead to deadly consequences, but a new survey finds teenagers don't think it's as risky as drunk driving. among 697 teenagers surveyed. 78% said they strongly agree and an accident could happen if they drink and drive. 63% say they could get into an accident if they text and drive, but only 52% of teenagers who admit to texting while driving strongly agree that could lead to an accident. >> and aspiring castro valley rapper has pleaded guilty to killing four people in central virginia. in a plea agreement today,
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21-year-old richard sam mccroskey was sentenced to life in prison. police and prosecutors say a year ago this month he killed his 16-year-old girlfriend, her parents and a teenaged friend while they slept. no motive was ever given for the crime. mccroskey ramped under the name psycho sam and was devoted to so-called harder core music. >> the uc berkeley grad imprissoned in iran for 13 months says she is not a spy. sarah shourd also defended her fiance shane bauer and friend josh fattal who remain behind bars in iran. shourd was freed last tuesday and spoke at a news conference last night and she says they were all hiking in a popular tourist area in iraq and did not realize that they were near the border of iran. shourd says while she's grateful for her release, she feels only one-third free. >> surprising news here. the recession is over and has been since june of 2009. that's according to economists who crunch the numbers. it started in december 2007 and
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more than a year ago. try telling that to anyone who is still out of work. president obama felt the wrath of out-of-work americans during a cnbc town hall meeting today. >> i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class in a meaningful way. i don't feel it yet >> i really want to know is the american dream dead for me? >> absolutely not. we're moving in the right direction. >> tonight at 6:00, we'll talk to unemployed bay area workers who are still searching for work. governor schwarzenegger called in sick today force another postponement to budget talks. california is now 82 days without a budget, the longest in state history. the last meeting with the so-called big five ended friday with no agreement. the state has delayed billions of dollars in payments to schools and counties as well as forced state workers to take furlough days three times a
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month. democrats want to close a $19 billion deficit with spending cuts and new taxes and republicans reject any new taxes. >> coming up this evening, lindsay lohan facing more time behind bars. what she admitted that has her in trouble with the law again. >> all right. good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. warming today and a real nice start to our monday with 80s and 80s inland, and as you look ahead towards toght, temperatures will be dropping into the upper 50s. meanwhile, for part of this week, we'll be talking about more cooling. >> can you catch the fat bug? new research that links childhood obesity to a common virus. >> and i'll have an order, please, the frankenfish, the first genetically m odifiedanime animal could soon mak ane appearance on your dinner plate. people! look at you!
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go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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>> fish or frankenfish. the fda will soon decide whether to approve for the first time a genetically engineered version of atlantic salmon, but as nbc's barry scott budman shows us, opponents are saying throw them back. >> reporter: u.s. demand for salmon is as strong as ever because the cardio vascular and neurological benefits of eating the fish have been proven. now a massachusetts company, aqua bounty, says it can genetically engineer fish to grow faster by injecting it with a hormoab. >> we at aqua bounty do not believe it solves all of the world's problems but we do believe that this is an example of an application of technology that can address many of the problems and can do so sustainably. >> aqua bounty's genetically
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engineered salmon reaches maturity in 16 toe 18 months rather than the normal 30 months. and as opposed to importing salmon from around the world, it says this fish can be raised domestically. >> we can have a sustainable source of high quality seafood protein closer to populations and in essence fresh fish closer to the cities where the fresh are consumed. >> reporter: but allowing human consumption of frakenfish, as critics call them, is opposed by those who fear what's next. >> today it's a fish we're talking about, but very soon it will be a genetically engineered pig, a chicken, even, god forbid, our beloved cows. >> if approved, the salmon would be the first genetically modified animal permitted by the food and drug administration which wrapped up a two-day hearing monday and has already concluded no harm can come from
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consuming the fish. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> now approval of a salmon could open the door for other genetically engineered animals. the fda is still a few weeks away from making a final decision. >> well, too much food and too little exercise may not be the only cause of childhood obesity. researchers think a common cold virus may also make kids fat. obese children were far more likely to have antibodies to a specific strain of a virus than normal weight children. the virus is called ad-36. other experts caution that new research doesn't prove the virus causes weight gain. it means obese kids are more likely to get the virus. tiny button batteries are in all kind of kid toys and other electronics and a new report shows that more kids are swallowing them and that can be deadly because they can burn through human tissue in just a few hours. just last week chuck-e-cheese
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recalled more than a million toy rings and glasses that contained those batteries. there are no reports of injuries from these toys to this point. every year more than 3,500 people swallow the batteries, according to a new report by the children's medical center in salt lake city. well, it's almost time to get that annual flu shot and a new study shows for most adults the vaccination carries an added benefit. not only does it help protect against the influenza virus, it might also help delay a hard attack. uk researchers say middle age and older adults who get the flu vaccine are less likely to suffer a first-time heart attack in the following year. experts say it's not that the vaccine prevents heart attacks. the study supports evidence that a flu infection can trigger attacks in some people. >> a fast-moving wildfire destroyed at least four homes in northern utah and more than a thousand others are threatened. a fire broke out sunday afternoon at a national guard firing range when dry brush caught fire during artillery
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training. shifting winds are helping fire fighters and they don't expect any more evacuations. so far it has been contained to about 10,000 acres. no major injuries have been reported. hurricane igor swept past bermuda but is still causing problems for the atlantic island. high winds and huge waves continue to hit bermuda, even after the storm passed 40 miles to the west that have island. it's now 100 miles north of bermuda, and didn't cause serious damage. igor is protected or predicted to veer northwest away from the u.s. but a tropical storm watch has been issued from the coast of newfoundland, canada. >> our weather was certainly interesting over the weekend. i'm thinking for a second are we in new orleans with the humidity. unbelievable. >> yeah. we had the unbelievable and scattered showers and cloud cover and we had it all. nice start to the week. >> a lot of sunshine out there. let's get a look in san francisco. 72 degrees. winds westley at 21 miles per
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hour. the fog is holding off and with all that sunshine here at coastline, we also had as a result some warm temperatures here inland as well. right now 78 in livermore. a jump of about eight degrees here for a lot of inland spots. 77 in san jose and 78 in sunnyvale and temperatures in the 60s to low 70s from san francisco to down the peninsula. the cool front that moved through yesterday helped to dry our air back out and kind of stabilize us from the humidity and the scattered showers thatlingered over the weekend. now for tomorrow, don't get too used to the heat. we're looking at temperatures dropping five to ten degrees but then we'll be going back up again in our seven-day forecast with some potential major heat coming our way. all right. right now we have a few clouds passing over eureka, deciding this short lived pattern will be under for tuesday and wednesday. you can see it still remains active with cloud cover and weak
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disturbances. it really is all about the jet stream as we often say this time of the year. it's going to continue to swing more to the south giving us this troughier pattern and that allows the cool air to enter for tuesday and wednesday. dropping our temperatures back to you. mushing us below average and also bringing more fog, persistent fog back to the coastline. for tuesday that will mean 70s inland and for wednesday still staying below average, but stick around here because in my seven-day forecast we are talking about some big-time heat. as for tomorrow morning, mid-50s. by 11 a.m. mid to upper 60s and mostly sunny skies. we'll have the fog starting off for your tuesday and also to san francisco. mid-50s here for the east bay and also for the south bay as well. tomorrow, numbers going down about five to ten degrees. 75 in evergreen as that cooler air slides on in. 73 in san jose and 74 in livermore and 60s to low 70s across the peninsula, and as we transition here over towards oakland, concord, pittsburgh,
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fairfield and napa, mid-70s will be the trend and for the north bay we're also looking at plenty of low to mid 70s. more any time on the weather channel on cable. seven-day forecast has the heating. we're going to go from an expected 75 tomorrow inland to 92 on sunday. said it would happen. fall would happen on wednesday, and we're going to warm up. >> december comes. >> right after fall. >> mother nature has been cruel to us the past couple of months. >> give mother nature a calendar. >> seriously. >> thanks, jeff. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> still ahead. it is the mega pop star versus the pentagon. why lady gaga is taking shots at the u.s. military. >> and from movie star to most wanted, the court issues an lohan,lohan, and friday is d-day.
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first.
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at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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well, here's the latest in the lindsay lohan legal saga. a warrant has now been issued for her arrest, again. the judge issued the bench warrant today and lohan could wind up back in jail if she has violated the terms of her probation. she goes to court on friday and lohan has admitted on her twitter page that she failed her court-order drug and alcohol test after having been to jail and rehab for her drug and dui convictions. and a guilty plea but no jail time for socialite paris hilton. the celebrity heiress pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug possession and obstructing an offic officer. in exchange a judge order her to pay $2,000 in fines, complete 200 hours of community service and go to rehab. she will also be on probation for one year. hilton also faced a year in jail if she's arrested for anything other than a minor traffic violation. >> after a summer of anticipation the primetime fall season finally gets under way on
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nbc, including the network's most anticipated show, "the event." jason ritter, son of the late actor john ritter stars as hume of a couple sucked into a shadowy global conspiracy on a romantic getaway. >> they are both involved in something much bigger than they ever could have thought. >> kind of gets shaken up and turned upside down and everything goes in the wrong direction. >> laura ines is best known for her years on the show "e.r." plays the leader of a group of ious government detainees. "the event" debuts tonight at 9:00 here on nbc bay area. at 8:00 is the season premiere of "chuck," followed by "the event" at 9:00. at 10:00 another new series "the chase" presented by jerry bruckheimer presents and then, of course, the news right here at 11:00. >> well, lady gaga goes from pop singer to political activist.
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>> coming up, she's -- a cause that she's supporting that's getting the military to take notice. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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lady gaga put her meat dress back in cold storage and today rocked the business suit, fitting since she spent the day lobbying two u.s. senators. at a rally she asked them to repeal the military's don't ask don't tell policy suggesting the problem is with those who are homophobic, not gay. >> i am here today because i would like to propose a new law. a law that sends home the soldier that has the problem.
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our new law is called if you don't like it, go home. >> the repeal of don't ask, don't tell is included in the national defense authorization act which the senate will consider tomorrow. >> all righty. here's the thing have you to get out of jeff ranieri's forecast, and it is that it is going to get warm later on this week. >> yeah. >> that's the headline here. >> it is the headline, tom. a big spike in temperatures as we continue into friday, saturday and sunday. we're going to go from answer pected inland temperature of 75 tomorrow to low 90s for this upcoming weekend and fall, well, it officially arrives on wednesday. so who would know we'd speech such a drastic change. the norm lately. >> my brother called and said what shall i bring? >> i think i'll call him back and say don't worry about the sweater. >> up next on "nightly news,"
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